A more seamless and secure shopping experience across channels. That's Masterpass.

Give your customers a better way to pay.

Masterpass streamlines checkout with a quick, intuitive, and secure way to pay whether on your site, through your app, and coming soon, in-store. No need for your customers to type in card numbers or addresses over and over again. One account can be used anywhere Masterpass is accepted, across thousands of online merchants and millions of store locations worldwide.


Connect with high-spending digital consumers.

Digital shoppers spend 10x more than their less-digital peers1. Masterpass helps merchants connect to millions of consumers who are enabled to use digital payments through the institutions they trust most: their banks. Masterpass is offered through a number of leading global banks, and more than 80 million consumer accounts will be automatically enabled through Masterpass issuing partners.

1. Mastercard Advisors “Embracing Digital Payments to Influence Cardholder
Behavior and Issuer Loyalty.” August 2015.

Making payments in-store fast & easy

Soon your customers will be able to pay with a quick tap of their mobile device while shopping in-stores. You can save your customers time and hassle at check out when you offer NFC contactless technology at your point of sale, and help your business boom.

Easily integrate Masterpass into your platform.

Offer your shoppers the benefit of a fast and secure way to pay, without modification to your current payment processing flows. Mastercard Developers provides access to merchant-specific APIs and SDKs so merchants can easily embed Masterpass into their web and mobile shopping experiences.

Advanced security shows you mean business

Raise the bar on payment security across your shopping channels online, in your app, and in-store. Masterpass leverages multiple layers of security and partners with banks to help protect merchants and consumers from fraud. Security tools include:

Masterpass powers millions of digital transactions across the globe.

From start-ups to established omni-channel retailers, join a network of merchants offering the smarter way for shoppers to pay.

  • Alt Pizza
  • AXS
  • Comfort
  • Popeyes
  • q0010
  • Singapore Air

Team up with top providers
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See how Masterpass is helping merchants reimagine the shopping experience for their customers

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Singapore’s Comfort Taxi books a smooth ride into the world of digital payments with Masterpass™

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What is Masterpass?
Masterpass improves the digital commerce experience for the mainstream consumer, from a provider they trust—their card network and their bank. One account offers simplicity and speed for your customers across the widest range of channels—online, in-app, and coming soon, in-store.
What do I need to do to offer Masterpass online or in my app?
To offer Masterpass as a checkout option, merchants must meet the following requirements:
  1. Merchant must accept Mastercard-branded payment cards
  2. Merchant must enable online purchases via web, .mobi site, and/or mobile app
  3. Merchant must adhere to the Masterpass Rules
How much does Masterpass cost?
There are no fees for consumers to use Masterpass, and there are also no fees for merchants to use Masterpass. You may incur development costs to implement Masterpass on your site(s) or app(s) if you use third-party resources to help you; or enable your point-of-sale system for in-store payments.
What shopping channels and devices are supported?
Masterpass has been built to work on the widest range of channels and devices. It can be integrated into any major browser for online shopping (desktop or mobile), and it can be added into both iOS and Android™ apps, and soon it can be used to make contactless payments on a supported Android™ device with HCE technology.
How is Masterpass different than other solutions in the industry?
Unlike other digital commerce solutions, Masterpass is built for the mainstream consumer. It is primarily offered by bank partners, the providers that people trust most to bring them secure digital payment solutions. It also is the first digital wallet to work across all channels and the widest range of devices, so people can shop easily online and in-app. Finally, Masterpass uses the latest in Mastercard technology including tokenization to help protect you against fraud.